Friday, August 12, 2016


I've been posting recently about writing. Here is an unedited snippet of the "work" in progress. 

“You two should probably eat something before you leave.” said Tom.

Anna cast a furtive glance over at Kristian and saw his concern about the idea of another delay.

“Food would be great, but I don't think we have enough time.” said Anna.

“You're probably right. It's just been such a, crazy night. I'm not thinking straight.” he replied.

“None of us are. If Scarlet were here, she'd say my body left my brain behind, when I went out the door.” said Kristian.

Tom and Anna both looked over at Kristian with puzzled expression's on their faces. 

“I think that was funny, but I'm not quite sure how or why?” said Anna.

At this admonition Kristian launched into a reckless fit of laughter. The absurdity of his antics proved to be catching, and both Tom and Anna joined in his song. Whether they were laughing at him, or at the joke he wasn't sure, but Kristian found both ideas equally hilarious. By the time the three of them regained their composure, they were all looking for paper towels to dry their eyes.

“We needed that.” thought Kristian.

The uncomfortable silence returned but he could also feel the bond that they shared. Kristian looked at the two of them and smiled. If ever he doubted coming to Shepard's Row that night, he knew in his heart it had been the right the decision, the only decision he could have made.

Tom walked around the table to where his friend was sitting. Kristian wasn't sure if the man was going to hit him or hug him. Tom wasn't sure either, until he stood directly over him, staring down at Kristian's vulnerable expression.

He too remembered their childhood. Climbing trees, playing tag until evening turned into night and you could no longer see your hand in front of your face. Always there had been this light in Kristian's eyes. A kind of intense curiosity, an expression of joy in the way that he smiled that could light up a room, or melt a girl's heart.

Tom held out his arms and Kristian stood as quickly as he could. He embraced him, and the tears returned for them both, this time out of grief and guilt and love. The two of them said what needed to be said in a matter of moments, without speaking at all.