Sunday, November 8, 2015


Lets start by saying that like all things, this too is situational. It greatly depends upon the individuals involved and the kind of relationship that's being formed. Having said that, I think obedience is very important, especially so concerning M/s as opposed to D/s.

M/s is on a different level. There's more depth, and expectation involved when choosing to be a servant. Though it might be easy to mentally agree to this kind of arrangement, it's a totally different reality in practice.

On this I can speak with some experience. Years ago I served a local couple in this kind of capacity, and it was a lot more involved than I'd originally anticipated. often times, as a servant, you're put into situations where the expectations from your Owners are explicit, and there's not always a lot of reciprocation returned.

It can leave you feeling, unappreciated, overlooked, and confused, to say the very least. There were a lot of mitigating circumstances that interfered with the above mentioned relationship, but the important part is that I learned I actually had the capacity to serve instead of just submit.

The "rabbithole" gets a little deeper when you consider that at times rules need to be broken. I'm not talking about being bratty, or willful, but more importantly being mindful and sincere. You can offer very little to your Owner, if you just blindly follow their commands. Sometimes people, even amazing, dominant, sadistic, people make mistakes. Sometimes they need a little help, maybe just a penchant of wisdom.

It's not easy to cross that line. it goes against every fiber of your being to step outside the definition of what and who a "good" slave is suppose to be. When you choose to serve someone, you make a commitment to that person that goes deeper than just promising to do the dishes and balance the check book.

It's a promise to give every part of yourself willingly. It's an oath to do whatever you can to see that their needs are met, and that their lives are enhanced through your actions, words and thoughts.

Obviously I complicate everything, but the point here is that obedience isn't simple. It's not like showing up and punching a time clock, or promising to follow the rules and hoping everything will be okay.

You should expect a bumpy road, such is the way of life. Perfection is an illusion. I'd rather have something real and difficult with an Owner that makes my pulse quicken, than settle into something simple, where I'm just an accessory.

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