Sunday, November 8, 2015

Submissive, Slave, Identity, Illusion,

I've met some new and interesting people as of late. The notion occurred to me today, that it might be useful to try to write out some of my thoughts on D/s and my desired role within the dynamic.

Lets start off by saying that no one wants a robot. The idea of being a "perfect" servant is a fallacy. Even if one were to somehow, via strange occult rituals, manage to never break a rule or make a mistake, all you have is an empty vessel.

People want life, individuality and substance. That doesn't mean that you should be crazy, bratty, or selfish, just that it's important to hold onto your own identity even while in service.

Service is a huge undertaking. Make sure that you are willing to provide not only physical aspects but also awareness, integrity, honesty, sacrifice, empathy, patience and love to name a few. As a slave, your goal above all else is to serve and enhance the lives of your Owner.

This means bringing your own wisdom, knowledge and passion to the table. Be willing to push yourself, and devote every fiber of your being into the service itself as that's the requirement of the position.

Keep in mind, just as we stated above, that you are not a robot. You have to be attentive to your own needs, and be able to clearly communicate them when given the opportunity. Silence and misconception are killers in any kind of relationship, especially D/s.

Also, your Owner is not a robot either, well hopefully not at least. As such, they have their own needs that must be met, many of which lay outside the boundaries of D/s. Sometimes you will have to step outside of your own role, and be a partner instead of a follower.

Understand that everything is an illusion, especially most of the ideas you've formed about D/s. Don't expect ridiculous treatment, like being tied up in someones basement 24/7, or that your Owner lives in some kind of magickal latex suit and is dying to scene with you at any given moment.

Remember that despite what some famous author might have said, "We are all beautiful and unique snowflakes." Learn to love yourself, despite the flaws and issues that are there. That's not an excuse to be lazy, or to stop pushing yourself in a direction of growth. It's more an appreciation of who you've become so far, and the ground you've covered.

Ultimately service is just about sharing your journey with someone else, only in an alternative way. Mixing D/s with everyday life is a lot like Alchemy. Thankfully it's not some hollow pursuit like trying to make the philosophers stone, but more akin to a good bowl of chicken noodle soup. It takes attention, desire, lots of work, and maybe a little luck to get it just right.

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