Sunday, June 12, 2016

Art and Fantasy, The Birthplace of Understanding

This entry is being written due to an unexpected convergence of circumstances. Earlier today I wrote a short post on Fetlife about how writing a story that involves D/s actually helped me to realize something about the lifestyle that I'd seemingly overlooked. The whole notion of creation as a powerful tool for introspection had been rolling around in my head for the rest of the day afterwards.

Later, I logged into facebook and saw this post, shared by Lance Henriksen:  Youtube

In the video, Comicbookgirl19 shared her thoughts about the potential for comic books to serve as a transformative source of self expression and courage. I would say that any and or all mediums have this sort of potential. So too, and perhaps more so, does the act of creation.

I can only speak from my own experience, but for me, writing has always been an avenue for investigation and broadening my awareness. In order to genuinely bring a character to life, you have to see the world through their eyes. This means letting go of the ego and stepping outside of yourself. Doing so is a kind of freedom. It's almost like exploring a waking dream, one that you control and mold as you go along.

This whole process alters the way our minds work. It causes us to ask questions about ourselves, and our own perceptions. It's this kind of internal dialogue that often offers us momentary periods of enlightenment. Maybe it sounds silly, but these "aha" moments, are life changing, important levels of awakening and realization that are essential for self growth.

To say that I'm passionate about creativity, and that I think too much, might be an understatement. I learned a long time ago, from a close friend, the value of searching and reasoning. I wouldn't say that it's made my life easier, but I've gained a unique insight into the "pattern" of things as a result.

I'll bring this to a close by encouraging you all to read, listen to music, paint draw etc. Immerse yourself in art that helps you to "feel". Let the magic of the journey take you where it will.  

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