Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seperation, Walls, Cycles

The news has been flooded with accounts and details of yet another tragic act of violence. Already I've seen posts via social media sites which are filled with anger, blame, and the notion of "vengeance". Below is a short video that illustrates my views on the subject matter.


I don't think that more hatred and judgement will help to solve these issues. In saying this, I consciously, don't want to separate myself from those who feel differently. I want to share my view and open up an opportunity for dialogue. Notice I used the term "dialogue" and not debate. This isn't a competition. I'm not trying to prove my point is more valid or enlightened etc.

The goal is for growth, and sharing ideas. I can't reach out to others if I'm forced to communicate over a great divide. Dialogue requires at least two people who are both willing to listen and share. Months ago I came across an interesting post on Ted which directly relates to some of this.


I think her approach has a much higher chance of success because she's working within the system that she's trying to change. This approach fosters and encourages dialogue. It also creates transparency. Hatred and distrust thrive via misinformation and misunderstanding. It's easy to view someone as an "enemy" if you stop considering them a "human" being. This Tool song speaks to the damage that can happen when we close our borders to others.

Let me end this by saying a few things directly. I'm not judging you. I'm angry, and upset, and saddened by the violence that continues to plague our society. Just like you, I want a resolution, I want to live, and be happy. The goal here is to provoke thought, and to encourage everyone to work toward a resolution. I believe we are all one. You, me, the victims, the perpetrators. We struggle, hope, and dream with the same beating hearts. Maybe in time, with effort and determination, we can bring an end to the separation, and the violence.

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